[Sidefx-houdini-list] stability of mantra on multi core machines?

Simon Kapeniak szymon.kapeniak at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 17:24:13 EDT 2008

Let me just clarify that I find Mantra at least as stable as any of their
competitors I'm familiar with (mental ray and 3delight namely). Personally I
was describing one specific scenario in which it does have some issues.
Besides that I don't see anything weird in its behavior. It's definitely
production capable and enough stable.


2008/7/29 John Coldrick <jc at axyzfx.com>

> On Tuesday 29 July 2008 13:10, Sean Lewkiw wrote:
> > That's really weird.  We use mantra heavily here and don't have any
> > freezing/crashing problems.  One thing I did find was that if you don't
> > set your "-j" flag to something reasonable, (if you have more than one
> > render or other activity on the machine), Houdini will go ahead and grab
> > all the threads, and your renders will grind to a halt, (and I imagine,
> > crash eventually).  We don't have any 8-core machines though.
>         It's all we use, and we have some 8 core systems on the grid.  The
> problem
> isn't as predominent as seems to be indicated in this thread(for us
> anyway).
> We're all-Linux, don't know if that matters, plus so far 9.5 doesn't seem
> to
> have exhibited the problem.
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