[Sidefx-houdini-list] computing world space velocity

Antoine Durr antoine at floqfx.com
Tue Jul 8 14:46:42 EDT 2008

There's a new option in the object_merge SOP in H9.1, where you can  
transform the geometry into the space of a specified object.  I  
haven't tried it, but if you make yourself a world_object that has  
identity transforms, that /should/ work.

-- Antoine

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>>> If you do an object_merge, and set the 'transform space' to '.', the
>>> geometry will now be in worldspace.  The trail SOP will work as
>>> expected, now.
>> Sort of. The object merge needs to be in a network that has an  
>> identity OBJ
>> (not an animated OBJ) for it to correctly import the points in  
>> world space.
>> This is what led me to a separate SOP network to compute world-space
>> velocity, as I described below... which seems wrong.
>> Is there any way to compute worldspace positions of points from  
>> within a
>> SOP? Is there any reason why that can't be done?
> I'm pretty sure the VEX ow_space() function(s) will transform from
> "object" (SOP) space to "world" (world) space.
> If you put down a
> Global(P)->Transform->Output
> Then set the parameters of the transform VOP to:
>     space:world
>     space:current
> (Yes, the VOP lies, space:world seems to work in SOPs just fine).
> you should get the world space location of the points.
> You can also transform "direction vectors" (i.e. velocity) the same
> way.  You may also be able to specify the full paths to objects, but
> don't quote me on that.
> But, to be honest, I'm not 100% sure this answers the original  
> question.
> If you want, there's also the "optransform" hscript expression
> function, but that way seems ridiculously difficult.
>>>> I'm sure I'm missing something fairly easy here.
>>>> We have geometry that is imported by nodes that animate at the
>>>> OBJ level. I need to compute the velocity for use in a DOP. The
>>>> trail SOP computes velocity based on the object space positions.
>>>> How does one compute the world-space velocity?
>>>> Right now, I'm creating another SOP network that imports the
>>>> original object, uses a trail on that node, and then uses a copy
>>>> attribute to apply it back to the original. This seems overly
>>>> clunky.
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