[Sidefx-houdini-list] Problem with Alfred Output Driver path

Emmanuel Dumont emmanueld at lumierevfx.com
Mon Jul 7 17:49:28 EDT 2008


New to the list, and to houdini too, this is my first post. I've been 
told that there's quite houdini experts over there :)

I created a digital asset for the rendering nodes used to render 
different part of the scene.
I have a bunch of renderman and alfred operators (each alfred operator 
refers to a renderman operator as its output driver)

My problem is that when I put those nodes in a digital asset (or 
subnet), alfred operators stop functionning since they continue to 
assume that the output driver is still in /out (even though the 
specified path is correct, something like /out/renderHolo/earthCol_Rman 
for instance)

The invoked alfred script (in $HFS/houdini/scripts/alfred/alf_rman.cmd) 
receive only the driver name (earthCol_Rman), not its path 
(/out/renderHolo/earthCol_Rman) and thus complain:
/opt/hfs9.5.142/houdini/scripts/alfred/alf_rman.cmd (25): Can't find 
node earthCol_Rman
/opt/hfs9.5.142/houdini/scripts/alfred/alf_rman.cmd (26): Can't find 
node earthCol_Rman
/opt/hfs9.5.142/houdini/scripts/alfred/alf_rman.cmd (28: Couldn't find 
renderer earthCol_Rman

I've the same problem in version 8 of houdini, and I'm on linux box, if 
that matters.

Is there a way of fixing the parameter value Alfred operator is passing 
to the script?

Emmanuel Dumont
TD - Lumière VFX

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