[Sidefx-houdini-list] Uniform parameters in custom Vop

François Duchesneau sidefx at trinix.ca
Wed Jul 2 00:51:20 EDT 2008

What I'd like to do is write an expression, e.g. $FF * 0.21 that drives 
a noise offset parameter in my custom Vop...

...You know what, I just realized that what I'm trying to do makes no 
sense since I'm trying to modify an internal value of the shader being 
compiled. In order to work I'd need a different shader at each frame :(

Thanks for forcing me to elaborate my thought and I will continue to 
promote each of those with a Parameter Vop to the shader level :)


Mark Elendt wrote:
> On Tuesday Jul 01 at 12:35, Francois Duchesneau wrote:
>> Hi, is there a way to create a uniform parameter in a custom Vop.
>> If I look at the "Float to Vector Vop", I can see several uniform
>> parameters in different signatures but even there the drop down menu shows
>> only a float, not a uniform float.
> Is the input varying?
> VOPs should not allow you to assign a varying value to a uniform value
> (which as far as I know, is illegal in RSL).

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