[Sidefx-houdini-list] Clear market feedback with RFE

Dragos Stefan ds_list at dsg.ro
Thu Jan 31 15:32:12 EST 2008

I agree. "Listening to the masses" for product or feature design is an 
extremely dangerous proposition.
I also don't think smaller shops don't have a word to say. The forums 
are there already and users are voicing their needs.
Also a small shop with a support contract can inform support (as I do 
without hesitation) about their needs at any moment.


John Coldrick wrote:
> In other words, mass response 
> tends to push everything into a safe, hazy middle ground of conformity, as 
> per Ivan's post - even with the clever collating of the data and the best 
> intentions.  Most user's don't really know what they want until you present 
> it to them, but until then they'll pick stuff they know(i.e. already familiar 
> with from elsewhere).  That's not the best model IMHO.
> 	J.C.

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