[Sidefx-houdini-list] Clear market feedback with RFE

Ivan DeWolf ivan at martian-labs.com
Thu Jan 31 13:01:15 EST 2008

totally- as I said I think RFE's should be a source of new ideas- making a
public list with forum-style feedback and voting? could be a fantastic source
of new ideas. Another good use for RFE's is as a reminder of simple oversights.
A public forumn would help with this as well. 

I think a public RFE forum is a good I just don't want people to see it as a
list of requirements for SESI....

Quoting François Duchesneau <sidefx at trinix.ca>:

> What motivated this suggestion I guess is more to help the community to 
> have a clear idea of what they want and indirectly SideFx but also to 
> educate a growing community and make them feel to be part of the 
> community. Here's two scenarios.
> 1- A rather new person to the Houdini world does an RFE that ask for 
> something not realy useful for 98% of the community. Let's say that's 
> something he's using all the time in an other software. He will discover 
> that either nobody vote for it or even better people vote -1 and explain 
> why it's not good to have that implement in Houdini and maybe suggest 
> how he can do that a  better way. This RFE will be considered solved 
> before even reaching SideFx and that potential customer will not 
> complain because he will understand and even if he doesn't he won't 
> blame SideFx.
> In this scenario, if other users coming from the same other software 
> want that feature, they won't probably ask it anymore based on votes and 
> comments from experienced users.
> 2- A user ask for something direclty to SideFx but for some reasons they 
> don't believe it's useful for the average user. In the RFE public list 
> they might discover in fact that a lot of people would love to have that 
> tiny feature. I mean how can they know currently? They don't call every 
> studio to ask: "hey would you like to have that in Houdini".
> I must admit I'm not sure about the best way to implement that so it 
> doesn't become like an RFE forum. Probably the best is that everyone is 
> allowed to emmit only one comment per RFE (no reply) and be able to 
> update it if he changes his mind or if he wants to be more convincing.
> Now, I agree so much with the following...
> a good quote from a successful innovator:
> "What the customer demands is last year's model, cheaper. To find out 
> what the
> customer needs you have to understand what the customer is doing as well 
> as he
> understands it. Then you build what he needs and you educate him to the fact
> that he needs it."
> ... but if SideFx keep going with this concept in mind and only take the 
> RFE list as a market survey, they'll never become like the other 
> softwares we don't like to use anymore.
> François
> François Duchesneau wrote:
> > Hi, recently I talked with a user complaining the Houdini lack of 
> > certain basic modeling features etc. After talking for a while with him 
> > I realized some of his requests were good and others are just not really 
> > needed by the community and that can explain why they are not taken care 
> > by SESI.
> >
> > This week too there was a post on the mailing list that diverged to: "to 
> > implement a feature or not to implement, that is the question".
> >
> > So I asked the question once again and let me know if it doesn't make 
> > sense at all, or maybe it already exists.
> >
> > Would it be good to have a RFE kind of blog where all RFE are listed and 
> > any user can...
> >
> > 1- Vote +1, 0, -1 one time per user per RFE.
> > 2- Explain why he votes (to help other users make a clear decision)
> > 3- Subscribe to a mailing list to be warned of every new RFE
> > 4- Make a search on existing RFE to avoid posting duplicates
> >
> > That way SideFx could know exactly what the market wants. The user must 
> > tell if he's an apprentice or if he has a license to help SideFx decide 
> > how much a vote count internally.
> >
> > However I think a warning should be made to explain that SideFx cannot 
> > automatically respect this list as is for any reason they might have, 
> > technical, business etc. In other words, it has to be clear that SideFx 
> > is still the one who decides bottom line.
> >
> > François
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