[Sidefx-houdini-list] Clear market feedback with RFE

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The problem with Sesi's internal version is there is no wider disscussion. I bet you yourself have a 100 RFE's that have never made it into the full package. But what if you could explain to a young and eager to hear audience why a feature should be added. If those listening then all chipped in with a chorus of approval then maybe it might influence what Sesi decide to do next. Its just another way for them to hear what the market has to say.
They constantly travel round the big studios and talk to the guys on the frontline, why not also hear from what is hopefully a growing band of smaller shops.
Ok the forums do that job to some extent but those kinds of discussions often get drowned out in the other noise of bugs and questions... This would be a more controlled form of feedback that everyone could see and join in with.

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On Thursday 31 January 2008 09:25, François Duchesneau wrote:
> Would it be good to have a RFE kind of blog where all RFE are listed 
> and any user can...
> 1- Vote +1, 0, -1 one time per user per RFE.
> 2- Explain why he votes (to help other users make a clear decision)
> 3- Subscribe to a mailing list to be warned of every new RFE
> 4- Make a search on existing RFE to avoid posting duplicates
> That way SideFx could know exactly what the market wants.

	The only problem is that it won't determine what the market wants, it will 
determine what users that have the time and wherewithal to post(regularly) to 
this hypothetical site want.  SESI effectively has a huge version of what 
you're talking about that they store internally(and likely far more 
sophisticated), I'm unsure having someone trying to maintain a concurrent 
version publicly will help things much in any way, apart from their own 

	In other words, SESI is already tracking this information, and quite well. 
The determination of what gets implemented over something else isn't 
happening out of ignorance(they hear from their customers every single day), 
there are other issues.  However, adding your voice to what you think should 
be a priority is always a good thing(like you're doing), doing that is to be 
encouraged.  You're feeding the beast just by posting.  I just don't see the 
point of polls.



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