[Sidefx-houdini-list] Clear market feedback with RFE

François Duchesneau sidefx at trinix.ca
Thu Jan 31 09:25:41 EST 2008

Hi, recently I talked with a user complaining the Houdini lack of 
certain basic modeling features etc. After talking for a while with him 
I realized some of his requests were good and others are just not really 
needed by the community and that can explain why they are not taken care 
by SESI.

This week too there was a post on the mailing list that diverged to: "to 
implement a feature or not to implement, that is the question".

So I asked the question once again and let me know if it doesn't make 
sense at all, or maybe it already exists.

Would it be good to have a RFE kind of blog where all RFE are listed and 
any user can...

1- Vote +1, 0, -1 one time per user per RFE.
2- Explain why he votes (to help other users make a clear decision)
3- Subscribe to a mailing list to be warned of every new RFE
4- Make a search on existing RFE to avoid posting duplicates

That way SideFx could know exactly what the market wants. The user must 
tell if he's an apprentice or if he has a license to help SideFx decide 
how much a vote count internally.

However I think a warning should be made to explain that SideFx cannot 
automatically respect this list as is for any reason they might have, 
technical, business etc. In other words, it has to be clear that SideFx 
is still the one who decides bottom line.


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