[Sidefx-houdini-list] Real Time Houdini

Robert Persons robert at adtechinc.com
Wed Jan 30 17:39:39 EST 2008

Hi all,


I'm talking with a client about setting up a real time Houdini
presentation of a product for a trade show. The idea is to have a
self-running presentation, with the ability of the user to stop it and
then interact with the model using sliders (rotation, translation,
transparency of the body, etc).  I'm wondering if others have gone this
approach and have a couple questions:


1)  What are the limits of OpenGL?  How many textures per model?
(Houdini seems to support up to 16 per shader). How many lights?


2) I'm looking at putting it all into an OTL because of the
customizability of the interface . or perhaps custom panels, although
they seem more limited.  Anyone had experience with the comparative
display speed of using these approaches?


3) I think I read that when using an OTL one can have a button fire off
a script, but can't seem to find that information.


4) I'm looking at displaying it on a Dell XPS M1730, using the
NVIDIARSLITDual GeForceR8700MGT with 512MB1 GDDR3 Memory (which should
give a reasonably fast display). Anyone have experience with this (or

  Specifications - Video Card


Any help is appreciated!


Robert Persons

Robert Persons
Adtech Communications Group
mailto:robert at adtechinc.com


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