[Sidefx-houdini-list] Smart Transparencies

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Mon Jan 28 12:37:26 EST 2008

Alrighty guys,
    I may just be having trouble thinking outside the box on this one.  I
have an almost transparent shader with a slight emission value on a fairly
complex particle system.  For the most part it does what it is supposed to,
but at certain angles and lighting situation, it has a tendency to block
out if too many surfaces overlap each other.   Can any of y'all think of a
way either, a. put a maximum on the number of surfaces the camera can see
through like you can reduce the number of reflections and refraction in
raytracing or b. a way for the transparency value to halve each time the
camera sees through the surface so that the rgb value of the pixel never
actually reachs maximum.  I appreciate the help.


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