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In Houdini 9 any parameters that are in the operation controls of a sop 
will show up at the object level under the following conditions:

- The sop is the display sop
- You are in the Handle tool

This is designed to offer object level access to key parameters from the 
sop level when a node is first put down without having to "dive down." 
Later on as other nodes are added you would need to dive down but for 
that initial creation you would have access to sop level parameters at 
the object level.

And example would be the font sop. When you use the Font tool,  you get 
an object with a font sop inside it. When the handle tool is active, you 
can actually change some parameters such as the text string or font 
choice from the operation controls.

Therefore if Phil has a spiral sop, the parameters that have been made 
available to the operation controls at the sop level can be accessed at 
the object level as long as the spiral sop is displayed (and the Handle 
tool is active).


PS - see my earlier post about making parameters available to the 
operation controls.

Pablo Giménez wrote:
> 2008/1/23, Phil Spicer <PSpicer at bournemouth.ac.uk>:
>> Hi,
>> If you create a SOP based HDA, is it possible to port parameters to the
>> view pane's upper bar, so that they appear at Object Level (I am making
>> a spiral generator and would like to access the primary controls there)?
> I think not.
> Any reason for not to make the HDA at OBJ level?
> If you need parameters at OBJ level and you are making the tool at SOP level
> I think this is a design error.
> Kind regards,
>> Phil.
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