[Sidefx-houdini-list] Offset channel expression

Larry Giunta larry at gcreativestudios.com
Wed Jan 23 12:22:45 EST 2008

Is there a way I can shift or offset ( by  x number of frames ) a  
referenced channel in SOPs with some type of expression.

I know I can do this with Chops. ( fetch, shift, export )

However, I'm looking for a quicker way so I can simply copy and paste  
an expression
to various SOP and then retype one offset/shift value.

Chops would be perfect, but due to the complexity of the SOP  
network ....... and for
better speed while still experimenting ( adding and deleting SOPs  
often ),
I'm hoping to avoid the step of importing and exporting channels to  
Chops if possible.

Thanks is advance for any help.

Larry Giunta
Creative Director
G Creative Studios
larry at gcreativestudios.com


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