[Sidefx-houdini-list] [HDK] How to setup the development environment under Linux64?

Andras Ikladi andras.ikladi at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 11:35:14 EST 2008

Hi Ed,

Andras Ikladi wrote:
> > MACHTYPE: Undefined variable.
> That's odd. MACHTYPE is a internal shell variable for both bash and
> csh/tcsh. Is your "/bin/csh" a real shell? Try "echo $version" after
> running "/bin/csh -f". Also, what does "uname -m" give you?

Thanks for the tip, it's working now.

Overall, it looks like a csh initialization problem. As for the question if
it's a real shell,  I added it later using apt-get install csh and tcsh and
initialized by launching the shell over bash.

When launching csh over bash:

$MACHTYPE is variable on bash (my main shell) initialized with the value
"x86_64-pc-linux-gnu". That being said, in csh it's not a declared variable.
Also, echoing $version under csh doesn't seem to return anything.

On the other hand, I looked in the hcustom source and from what I see it
should fail back on parsing "uname -m" (returning x86_64) as you're
suggesting that indeed returns the valid string of the platform.

When changing the shell to tcsh:

So this is what's happening when starting csh over a bash (without chsh). I
switched my sell to tcsh (logout/login) and now it initializes properly and
hcustom is working as it should. All the other variables are as expected as

For now I will just use tcsh (I wanted to try it for years anyways so it's
just time :).

After downloading couple GLU* libs, it's working fine.

> Please add to the odforce wiki with your eventual findings. :)

Not sure what to add without being misleading as I kinda "gave up" on
solving the problem for this workaround.

Just out of curiousity, is there anyone using hcustom from bash?

Thanks again,

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