[Sidefx-houdini-list] [HDK] How to setup the development environment under Linux64?

Edward Lam edward at sidefx.com
Wed Jan 23 09:57:19 EST 2008

Hi Andras,

Andras Ikladi wrote:
> MACHTYPE: Undefined variable.

That's odd. MACHTYPE is a internal shell variable for both bash and 
csh/tcsh. Is your "/bin/csh" a real shell? Try "echo $version" after 
running "/bin/csh -f". Also, what does "uname -m" give you?

> I tried to set the $MACHTYPE variable to some meaningful values, to no
> avail.

For a 64-bit Linux system, MACHTYPE should include the substring 
"x86_64" (without the quotes). What do you get when you have MACHTYPE 
set to x86_64?

> So it looks like it's using an I386 macro and an i686 CPU type. The docs say
> that hcustom should initialize my environment to the proper architecture
> (which I assume it does as all the library search paths..etc are setup
> properly).

If all else fails, try setting the environment variable AMD64 to 1. The 
MACHTYPE detection basically just decides if it should set AMD64.

> I guess it must be something fairly basic I'm missing. Any clues/RTFMs (I've
> read the relevant chapters on the odForce wiki)?

Please add to the odforce wiki with your eventual findings. :)


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