[Sidefx-houdini-list] New to Linux, Install Help

John Coldrick jc at axyzfx.com
Tue Jan 22 10:00:23 EST 2008

On Monday 21 January 2008 23:26, Rangi Sutton wrote:
> installing stuff in their $HOME)... is installing houdini ala:
>  > sudo apt-get install houdini

	Only practical if you're running apt-get in your distro.  Honestly, whether a 
tar or a 7zip, it really couldn't be all that much easier.  You just need to 
know two things:  run as root, and let it install to the default location.  
Precisely the same knowledge is required for windows, translating the 
terminology.  Of course, 'root' is the wildcard here if you're used to 
running XP but never bothered to learn the way it managed admin permissions, 
but I'm a big fan of users that are going to install applications and in 
general use an OS in a production environment having a basic grokking of it 
first.  Everything can't be point and click.

	Sorry, it just seems like the Big Dumbing Down syndrome again.  Even just 
adding 'you should be running this installer as root' coming up during 
install would be enough to point users in the right direction IMHO.  That's 
all it needs.



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