[Sidefx-houdini-list] New to Linux, Install Help

Rangi Sutton rangi at kanuka.com.au
Mon Jan 21 23:26:31 EST 2008

Andrew D Lyons wrote:
> So have we arrived at any clear documention of a Houdini 9 install for
> ubuntu based systems? (I'm going to be doing a kubuntu install at some
> point soon.)
You just install same as other *nix's and pretty much the same process 
as since SGI days. Instead of su you can use sudo...

btw, on ubuntu the only difference is that root has no password assigned 
during install... you can simply:

 > sudo passwd root

Give it a root password at the prompt and you can subsequently su into 
root same as every other distro.

Now what I'd really like to see (rather than blaming noob linux folk for 
installing stuff in their $HOME)... is installing houdini ala:

 > sudo apt-get install houdini

Or use adept, the graphical version of that command line tool.

and then life would be oh so cozy! That's how you get people playing 
with apprentice! For those that don't know of what I speak, apt-get will 
check dependencies, download and install them if necessary, download the 
package you're after, install it, default configure it, if necessary run 
a setup wizard, done...

Sidefx would need to get their package server included in the distros 
list of non-GPL sources.

So far no commercial software that I know of uses debian style package 
distribution.  Sidefx were the first to get their shit to run under 
linux though, kudos to their forward thinking <wink> <wink>

ubuntu is the fastest growing distro with the least package dependency 
hell I've experienced. I'm so happy to see the end of rpms....

Last mumbling bit of ramble... kubuntu is almost the same distro as 
ubuntu but more kde flavoured by default, which I favour over gnome 
particularly for houdini stuff.


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