[Sidefx-houdini-list] Help With hou Module

steven ong steve_nong at pointy.tv
Fri Jan 18 19:06:00 EST 2008

In the 9.1 docs, there is a HOM cookbook which might help.


Robert Thomas wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm trying to set up a Python script that will automatically add a spare
> parameter to a folder called "Spare" on the current operator, both as an
> exercise and as something to speed up my workflow, but I keep running up
> against the incomplete documentation for the "hou" module.  So, I've been
> trying to reverse engineer everything that is not documented, and it's slow
> going.
> My current problem is that I cannot seem to create a default parmTemplate
> object (since, naturally, there happens to be no constructor for that
> class--and of course no documentation).  My approach is to create one of
> these and add it to the node using the "addSpareParmTuple()" function, which
> appears to work the way I want it to if I extract the parmTemplate of an
> already existing parameter.
> Incidentally, I'm not sure how to reference folders, so I don't know how to
> stuff my new parameter into a folder using this function.
> Help!
> Thanks,
> Robby
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