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Craig Zerouni craig at zerouni.com
Sun Jan 13 19:33:18 EST 2008

A very handsome fellow wrote a book about Houdini, and on page 121 he 
explains how to do this. Here's what it says, more or less:

Put down a Modify Data DOP. In the Value 0 Name field, put something 
like "hasBeenHit" (no quotes) and make the Type a Boolean. Set the Value 
to 1.

Now in the Activation field (at the top of the parameters) put this:
dopnumrecords("/obj/dopnet1", "objectname", "Impacts", "Impacts")
where "objectname" is the name of object that bounces off the wall and 
"/obj/dopnet1" is the path to your DOPnet.

This will create a boolean value when there is impact, and that boolean 
will persist from then on. So you would test the value of that variable 
with a dopfield() command every frame, and once there is a collision, 
the "hasBeenHit" variable will return a value of 1.


Edmond Earl Smith wrote:
> Hey everyone, I'm referencing dynamic collision in SOPS.  Something 
> bounces off of a wall and continues to fall to the ground.  I am 
> referencing the RBD motion in SOPS and assigning it to a metaball so I 
> can use a magnet to deform the wall.  The problem is I can't figure out 
> how to keep the metaball from continuing to follow the meta after 
> impact.  I need the meta to stop at that precise location. I've tried a 
> number of different solutions but what it has really come down to is 
> that I need a record of impact and location but these only last for one 
> frame.  Any suggestions on how to keep the impact data or different 
> ideas of how to get the deforming meta to stop at impact leaving the 
> wall dented for the rest of time?
> thanks,
> Eddie
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