[Sidefx-houdini-list] DOP Impact

Edmond Earl Smith ees041000 at utdallas.edu
Tue Jan 8 14:05:36 EST 2008

Hey everyone, I'm referencing dynamic collision in SOPS.  Something 
bounces off of a wall and continues to fall to the ground.  I am 
referencing the RBD motion in SOPS and assigning it to a metaball so I 
can use a magnet to deform the wall.  The problem is I can't figure out 
how to keep the metaball from continuing to follow the meta after 
impact.  I need the meta to stop at that precise location. I've tried a 
number of different solutions but what it has really come down to is 
that I need a record of impact and location but these only last for one 
frame.  Any suggestions on how to keep the impact data or different 
ideas of how to get the deforming meta to stop at impact leaving the 
wall dented for the rest of time?


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