[Sidefx-houdini-list] laptop

François Duchesneau sidefx at trinix.ca
Tue Jan 8 10:13:30 EST 2008

I lately bought an Asus F3SV-A2 and I am very satisfied. One of the 
reason why I bought that is because a lot of people on the forum said 
that I should go with an nVidia video card. For that reason I had put 
aside many renowned brands. However it's not my Linux machine so I don't 
know how Asus react with this OS :(

If you plan to use Windows on it then avoid Vista that ships with it. 
Sound and video card problems.

I paid it around 1500$ but a friend of mine bought it lately for 1300$. 
I find it very cheap for a Dual Core 2 Duo. It has only 1GB or ram but 
you can buy an extra GB for 50$. It's comparable with the specs of a Mac 
Book Pro but 1000$ cheaper.


Louis Dunlevy wrote:
> My trusty Inspiron has kicked the bucket so I'm looking for a new 
> laptop, any recommendations?
> Cheers
> Louis
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