[Sidefx-houdini-list] New to Linux, Install Help

JUSTIN REEVES jreeves16 at msn.com
Mon Jan 7 23:21:19 EST 2008

Ok this is what Ive tried
first I run sudo which I believe lasts 15min.
then I run "source houdini_setup" in the Houdini9 dir. I installed it in 
which is(home/justin/Houdini9)
then I run sesinetd
then I run hkey and get the "invalid server key".
SO then I tried running houdini, and choosing the "install non-commercial 
and get back the other error.

Here is the hkey Diag.

Diagnostic Output:
If you are having licensing problems, please save this information and email 
to support at sidefx.com.

License Administrator output:
Generated on:                           Mon Jan  7 21:14:06 2008
Local host name:                        3Dmachine
Local server code:                      822b0300
Local ip address:             
Number of servers:                      1
License server name:                    3Dmachine (3Dmachine)
   License server server code:          822b0300
   Server ip address:         
   License server is running:           Yes
   May read licenses from server:       Yes
   Has SERVER license:                  No
   License server version:              9.0.794
   May modify server from this machine: No (no license file permissions)
   Redundant server keys:               0
        Name                            Code       Redundant  Connected  
Transmission OK
        ----                            ----       ---------  ---------  
License Administrator version:          9.0.794
Http proxy host:                        (none)
Can retrieve http://license.sidefx.com/index.php: Yes

Installed licenses:
    LicID    Platform   Product                        Ver Avail Expiry
    -----    --------   -------                        --- ----- ------

sesictrl -i output:
----- SERVER 3Dmachine --------

*** WARNING *** - No valid server lines found

hserver -l output:
Hostname:       3Dmachine       [Linux (little endian)]
Uptime:         0:12:49 [Started: Mon Jan  7 21:01:22 2008]
License Server: 3Dmachine
Server Version: sesinetd9.0.794
Version:        Houdini9.0.794
ReadAccess:     +.+.+.*
WriteAccess:    +.+.+.*

    30 of 503 Mb available
    CPU Usage: 1% load
    0 active tasks (1 slots)

licenses file:
* Could not open the licenses file. *

Thanks Guys.
Justin Reeves

>From: John Coldrick <jc at axyzfx.com>
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>To: sidefx-houdini-list at sidefx.com
>Subject: Re: [Sidefx-houdini-list] New to Linux, Install Help
>Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 07:59:02 -0500
>On Sunday 06 January 2008 18:22, JUSTIN REEVES wrote:
> > Hi Guys, Sorry for the remedial Linux problems.
> > Im new to this OS so Im trying to start Using Ubuntu.
> > I want to run H on it but am not having much luck.
> >
> > The only way It seems to get close, I have to open a terminal
> > run houdini_setup
> > run sesinetd
> > then when I check hkey it says invalid server key .
>	You're running hkey/sesinetd as root?  I believe that means 'sudo hkey' on
>Ubuntu since they don't 'allow' you to run as a root account.  Don't get me
>started on a Monday.  ;)
>	Cheers,
>	J.C.
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