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Peter Bowmar pbowmar at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 10:01:23 EST 2008

Hi Zoran,

This depends on your systems setup. However, this is how FS works and
it works pretty well.

We have a "gold" build that is installed locally on our machines. When
we have teams straddling versions (we still use 8.2 of course as well
as 9 when we need fluids etc) we have two local installs.

We also have net installs for testing, but since it runs off the
network it's slower and if too many people try to use a net install
version, the server gets hammered and slows even further. Generally,
the net installs are for one or two people to sanity check a  build,
then get the Houdini artists to test their shots in and if all is
good, it gets copied locally and the previous "gold" build is moved to
the net server "just in case" we missed some bug in the upgrade.

The local disk has limited space as it has to share with Maya, Shake
etc so the most we can have installed locally is 3 versions of Houdini
but that's usually too many, we usually have 2 local. The net server
can hold a lot more versions though of course we cull any that are out
of date as soon as we can.

Hope that helps :)


Peter B

On 05/01/2008, zoran arizanovic <zoran.arizanovic at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> I have one question how do you proceed organizing work with upcoming daily
> builds?
> Do you keep one production installed and then add daily ones?
> From which build do you then do work /testing?
> Since I am following closely whats changing in 9.1 especially with fur and
> pbr I like to have latest daily build installed
> so should I keep all daily builds up to three or so installed or just keep
> newest and production to be sure
> What is your advice - strategy on this?
> thank you
> --
> Zoran Arizanovic
> http://arizanovic.blogspot.com/
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