[Sidefx-houdini-list] sprites

Phil Spicer PSpicer at bournemouth.ac.uk
Mon Feb 25 10:20:19 EST 2008


I am trying to render a box as sprites; however I cannot get it to see
any custom attributes I am setting up.

I have set at object level the procedural shader parameter to point to a
Mantra: Sprite Procedural Shader located in a SHOPNetwork. At SOP Level
there is a Box SOP. When I render the scene I see the sprites as

When I append to the box sop an Attribute Create SOP, and create a
custom spritescale attribute, the sprites are still the same size as
earlier when I render. I have tried specifying in the Mantra: Sprite
Procedural an attribute listing of spritescale; however this makes no

Does anyone know what I am missing?

Kind regards,


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