[Sidefx-houdini-list] RSL vops for houdini

Ivan DeWolf ivan at martian-labs.com
Tue Feb 19 13:41:21 EST 2008

just curious- why use VOPs? 
if you use .sl and #include you can update sections of code, without the VOPs
HDA interface. 

I know, I'm biased; I almost never use VOPs. The only reason I can think of to
use them is if you have a staffmember that prefers to work in nodes over code,
which is totally a resonable argument for it. Barring that, is there any other
reason to put everything into VOPs?

Quoting Andrew D Lyons <tstexture at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> We're looking at ways to incorporate a PRman shading pipeline with Houdini.
> We'd like to procedurally build a suite of mid-level rsl VOPs
> (specular, reflection, shadow etc) from an RSL code base, and build
> larger uber shaders out of those. That way we can use the VOP HDA
> mechanism to update sections of shader code. We're looking for a tight
> integration of rsl with materials and Houdini in general (given that
> we use Houdini for all surfacing and lighting.)
> So far we haven't had much luck on procedural VOP UI building for rsl
> vops. We're looking at vcc -m and even the HDK. We've scoured all
> documentation, odforce etc without luck. My current understanding is
> that there is no good way to rebuild RSL VOPs from a code base without
> hand building UI.
> I'm guessing that other studios have some reasonably elegant way to
> work with RSL, so I'm looking for any ideas people might have to
> share.
> Cheers
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