[Sidefx-houdini-list] Extracting poly edges as a curve

Ben Schrijvers ben.schrijvers at guerrilla-games.com
Mon Feb 18 12:26:11 EST 2008

The is a lot of functionality hidden like that.
In the past some of those have been splitted from the original node.
For backward compatibility the features where kept in the original node.
I like using Blast or Ends instead of the Delete or Primitive Sop as 
they feel lighter and make the network more readable.
Still waiting for a Calcutate Normals Sop myself...

Another solution is to create something (toolshelf?) that's called Keep 
Unshared Edges that drops down a Divide Sop with the needed settings.
Maybe some experienced users (who use an Add Sop to delete geometry but 
keep points, actually the Delete Sop can do the same now) could set 
those up.
In the end when you're experienced you'll know where to find these features.


Andy Nicholas wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Cool, thanks very much for that. No wonder I didn't find it. The Divide
> SOP isn't the first place I would have thought to look to *remove*
> divisions.
> Anyone else think that some of the nodes should be refactored slightly to
> expose this sort of functionality in a slightly more logical way?
> Andy
>> Divide sop, remove shared edges option on.
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>> Hi guys,
>> Just a quick problem that's hopefully easy to figure out :)
>> How do you extract the external edges of a continous selection of
>> polygons as a single curve? (Assume for now that only non-pathological
>> cases apply)
>> Cheers
>> Andy
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