[Sidefx-houdini-list] transferring DOP field data to point attributes?

Stephen Gustafson sgustafso at gmail.com
Thu Feb 14 05:50:47 EST 2008

Hey guys. I'm working my way through some of the new fluids features in  
dops, and right now I'm trying to get a good handle on how to pull out  
field data from DOPs and transfer it to points back in SOPs.
I've already seen that I can check the 'show guide geometry' options on  
various visualization features of the fluidobject HDA, and use a dopimport  
to pull some of that data into sop-land. But, let's say that I wanted to  
get ahold of more data that's not exposed on that HDA (pressure comes to  
Let's also say that I've already used the File DOP to bake out my sim, and  
I really don't want to bake again (though, just to note: for some reason,  
there's still a lot of extra cooking that goes on through the file dop -  
it seems like it's reading every save .sim file from previous frames  
instead of just going straight to and loading the frame it's on!). The  
data is already there: I can dopimport pressure, and see the data present  
in a volume.

So the big question: Is there an easy way to transfer that volume data to  
my fluid mesh just through SOPs? Or if I have to work through field  
visualizations in dops (transferring their contents to sops), can I add  
new visualizations on top of a File DOP node, so as to get all of the viz  
data without rebaking my sim (if I have to change the dop network before  
the file dop, obviously that's going to call for a resim)?

I'm not having much success either way. But I may just be overlooking  
something simple.

~Stephen Gustafson

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