[Sidefx-houdini-list] random fur scale

Fred Valleur fred.valleur at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 19:56:53 EST 2008

As Ivan already mentionned, VEX has a SIMD architecture, so it might not be
a huge gain here. A more direct application is to create geometry in C++ and
modify data attributes with CVex shaders. C++ offers you the ability to
allocate/desallocate memory (and hence create geometry), which is not
possible in VEX, but nearly everything else can be done in a CVex shader at

So you could for example create particles in C++ and modify their positions,
width, etc... in VEX to have the best of both worlds.


> I am guessing here but ... maybe this can be used to speedup volumetrics,
> do
> all the raymarching hard stuff in C++, more times faster than VEX, and use
> VEX only to modify every step sample.
> The raymarching loop and some fancy adaptative step formula can be done in
> c++, only guessing.
Frederic Valleur | LaMaison

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