[Sidefx-houdini-list] OTL available only in one file

symek at poczta.onet.pl symek at poczta.onet.pl
Sat Feb 9 07:01:21 EST 2008

well, there are much more appropriate people here to answer you that question, but let me just point you out that, IFD file is *meant to be used remotely so this shouldn't be any problem for you. Most of (like 99%) the case with IFD is sending it to renderfarm - read: executing remotely.

The reason why variables are expanded in ifds is that they are read by Mantra but Houdini itself. The whole business with magical $Variable doesn't exist in Mantra I suppose. I'm not really sure if you can process ifd with python and replace absolute paths with variables as most probably they have no meaning form mantra.

Normally remote hosts have all needed paths mounted in such a way that paths found in ifds are valid on every render node. In Windows both network drives mapping and using NFS paths work. (Besides minor problems like mixing localhosts and remotehosts in mantra -H option but this is yet another story).


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