[Sidefx-houdini-list] reconstructing geometry from photos...

paul simpson paul at realisestudio.com
Thu Feb 7 12:39:00 EST 2008

hi all,

doing some r+d here - into building geometry (a street) from photos/video.
so far i've looked at:
- photomodeler  http://www.photomodeler.com
- image modeler http://www.realviz.com/
- pftrack - pixel farm
- eye-tronics http://www.eyetronics.com

...i'm specifically wanting to build a whole city block - as seen from eye
height from the pavement.  has anyone had any experience with any of the
above software (or services as in the eye-tronics case)?  would love to hear
any success stories - or maybe more importantly any horror stories...

or any other thoughts/suggestions most welcome...



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