[Sidefx-houdini-list] Copy Parmset with HOM - Refers to: Mantra ROP Preset

Georg Duemlein rdg at preset.de
Thu Dec 18 03:07:42 EST 2008

I was following your discussion about parmsets, galleries and presets.

Is there any way to copy complete parm folders from node to node using HOM?

I found the methods to create spareFolders, list parmTuples and such.
But it looked to me there is no way to grab a complete folder an copy it 
to another node.
It looks like I have to parse this information and create first the 
folders and then rebuild the parameter structure.



Andrew D Lyons schrieb:

> Galleries provide that. The loading is still not well defined by
> anything off the shelf yet, so that's something you need to roll
> yourself.


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