[Sidefx-houdini-list] Mantra ROP Preset

Peter Bowmar pbowmar at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 15:05:43 EST 2008

I've been waiting until there are a few more tools to manage them.

Problem with the new presets is: You can't edit them by hand since
they have binary or something that pooches them when you break them
apart. I still use the "old" .preset files for this reason :(

Mark T placed a Python script on the Forum somewhere that breaks apart
and reassembles Gallery files so you can mung them yourself but a bit
more officially support tool would be needed IMO to use them in

The old presets were great, you could just hidx expand them and merge
a bunch together. Now, very hard  to do which makes them hard to use
in production since you (well, me at least) often want to save a
preset to $HOME or $SHOT but later merge the preset up into the $JOB
level or something similar.

Haven't really looked in 9.5 to see if anything has been made more
betterer though.


Peter B

2008/12/16 jiversen <jiversen at rhythm.com>:
> Andrew D Lyons wrote:
>> - But wait - there's more!!
> Where?
> ;)
> In actual fact, I've been wondering when to delve into Galleries -
> perhaps that time is now.
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> jason iversen
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>    r+h
>  nork.
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