[Sidefx-houdini-list] Material prefixes on parameter names question

Robert Magee rmagee at sidefx.com
Mon Dec 15 09:54:09 EST 2008

Since the parameters at the material level are referencing channels  
inside the material then the parameters can have any name you want and  
it will work fine. The parameters could have been called tipColor and  
everything would be fine since hair_tipColor is simply referencing a  
tipColor parameter on the shader inside the material.

If you turn a SHOP into a material by putting it into a subnet then  
RMB-click on the material and choose Promote Material parameters then  
the names will not have prefixes. For the hair material, someone  
probably used the edit parameter interface to give them more  
flexibility organizing the look of the material's ui and ended up  
adding the prefixes.


On 15-Dec-08, at 6:08 AM, Phil Spicer wrote:

> Hi,
> Why do material parameter names have a material prefix assigned to  
> them?
> For example, if I wanted to modify a hair material Tip Color  
> parameter on a per hair basis, I have to create a attribute called  
> tipColor (the internal shader parameter name) using and Attribute  
> Create SOP; yet when I hold the mouse over the hair material  
> parameter listing, the internal name is returned as hair_tipColor,  
> which doesn't work as a parameter override name.
> Isn't this incongruous to how the rest of Houdini works, and an  
> additional layer of complexity for new users?
> Kind regards,
> Phil.
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