[Sidefx-houdini-list] Problems with Merge's performances

Jeff Wagner jeff at sidefx.com
Mon Dec 1 07:28:14 EST 2008

I wonder if both inputs have the same number of attributes present? If 
not the Merge SOP may be initializing attributes on some of the input 
geometry. That may be marking the second input dirty and forcing it to 
cook. If this is the case try initializing the missing attributes 
yourself to see if that fixes the problem. Either that or remove the 
needless attributes that result from the Particle System. Just make sure 
the two inputs have the same attributes present. Why the first input 
doesn't cook is probably the first input being optimized.

The best approach is to make sure the same attributes exist on all 
inputs in to the Merge SOP then see if the upstream SOPs continue to 
cook needlessly.
The second best approach if the first isn't feasible (data memory sizes, 
speed hits, etc.) is to not use the Merge SOP but to extract the one 
network leaf to a new object and be done with it. It's a trivial step 
with the shelf these days.


Oodini wrote:
> Jerry a écrit :
>> I don't see any reason why this would be the case.
>> I had a look at your scene and checked the performance monitor output. 
>> There is definitely a difference in what is being
>> cooked depending on the order of the merge inputs.
> Thanks for confirmation. I sent a bug report to SESI.
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