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Arno Kroner ultraloveninja at mac.com
Fri Aug 15 12:42:24 EDT 2008

It's because in LA people don't walk!
You would have to drive from the Starbuck on the right side of the street to the Starbuck on the left side of the street.

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On Friday, August 15, 2008, at 09:18AM, "Michael K O'Brien" <mobrien at pixar.com> wrote:
>At the corner of 7th and Figueroa there is a corner with a Starbucks and a
>Bank of America. Across the street, on the same corner, is a Starbucks and a
>Bank of America. When I would walk by this corner on the way to siggraph,
>there was always a line outside both Starbucks, and never any line at either
>Bank of America.
>There have to be phone conversations like this:
>ME:	Let's go get a coffee flavored syrup drink.
>YOU:	Sounds great. Where should we meet?
>ME:	How about Starbucks on the corner of 7th and Figueroa?
>YOU:	Sure, which Starbucks?
>ME:	Oh yeah, that's right there's two on that corner. The one that's
>right next to Bank of America.
>YOU:	Umm, forget it.
>LA is a funny town.
>Michael K O'Brien
>mobrien at pixar.com
>JEN: Just because it's Taco Bell doesn't mean it's not dinner!
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>> On Friday 15 August 2008 11:39, Vincent Serritella wrote:
>> > Hey Caleb,
>> >
>> > Yes, What I actually found to be really interesting was how Starbucks
>> > managed to keep a line wrapped around the convention center no matter
>> > what time of day it was.   Maybe Sidefx should host demos at the
>> > Starbucks stand next year. ;)
>> 	You know, that might not be as crazy as it seems at first read...
>> 	Cheers,
>> 	J.C.
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