[Sidefx-houdini-list] Renderman DSO Motion Blur Problem

Jaideep Khadilkar iamjaideep80 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 12 05:03:36 EDT 2008


I am writing a Renderman DSO fo rendering points. But I am not getting motion blur.

I am using RiPointsV function.

I used RiMotionBengin and end to state multiple versions of particles
at two different times. I thought RiPointsV might not be suppoted for
motion block, so I tried using RiTranslate applied on a RiSphere, just
to test it. Something like.

RiMotionBegin( 2, 0., 1. );

RiTranslate( 1., 2., 3. );

RiTranslate( 2., 3., 4. );


RiSphere( 1., -1., 1., 360., RI_NULL );

Allow Motion Blur, Geometry Blur is on in Houdini, but I am not getting any Motion Blur.

Is there something wrong I am doing?? Do I have to define RiShutter somewhere??

Waiting for ur reply........

iamjaideep80 (Jaideep Khadilkar)

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