[Sidefx-houdini-list] Coming to Canada to work, who is hiring? Showreel!

Robert Kelly isstuff at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 18:48:52 EDT 2008

Hi all
My name is Robert Kelly I live in friendly Australia.  I have recently
decided that my life needs a shake up and i need to go forth and
venture out alone into the cruel world.... but not too cruel, so I
chose Canada as my destination. What a coincidence that there are
plenty of  world class 3d animation studios that are Houdini-infused.
I'm not too picky which city I end up in, but want to find a good
studio. As an Australian I can get a 2 year working Holiday visa,
making that part not too much of a fuss. I plan to arrive in Canada
some time in October.

I have a show reel fresh off the presses for you perusal,
unfortunately some of my best work is on the yet to be released
feature film Daybreakers. I hope you enjoy what i do have on the reel.
Rangi Sutton has been personally shoveling knowledge into my skull in
his boutique studio, Kanuka, and is kind enough to host my reel

Here are a few more details about my skills, I have been using Houdini
for 5 years. I have focused on procedural modeling, VFX, character
rigging and asset integration. I have been using 3d studio max over
the last 9 years.

Any ideas on which studios i should apply for in Canada?


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