[Sidefx-houdini-list] Lambertian, Oren-Nayar...

Oodini svdbg at free.fr
Sat Sep 29 12:37:29 EDT 2007


The first video tutorial of Houdini 9 (ui_intro.mov) shows several 
specular types whic seems to have disappeared.

Here what I found  in the help for the VEZX node :

Constant              (string "constant")
Head Light            (string "headlight")
Lambertian            (string "lambert")
Oren-Nayar            (string "oren")
Phong                 (string "phong")
Blinn                 (string "blinn")
Anisotropic Specular  (string "anisotropic")
VEX Specular          (string "specular")

But where can I find the four first ones now in the GUI ?


PS : I am using Houdini 9.0.719

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