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herman herman02 at netvigator.com
Sun Sep 23 22:31:01 EDT 2007

i did ordered too last nite, can't wait to learn!!

cheers herman

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And for those who still don't know, CmiVFX just released new DVD on Vex
and Vop. I've ordered them and I'm pretty confident they will be helpful
based on other DVD and tutorials made by David Gary.


Tamis Laan wrote:
> Hey guys i just wanted to throw a thank you out there to you guy's.
> I started with houdini about 4 weeks ago and i must say that i can 
> definatly see a big increase in learning materials.
> these sorts of video's are crusial for me to get going in houdini as i can 
> notece that houdini is not the easys't package to learn.
> without these sorts of video's it would take me forever to get there !
> so here it is: thank you, thank you, thank you !!
> cheers, Tamis van der Laan.
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>> Houdini Technical Evening - H9 Auto Rig tools> > toc toc ... is this 
>> thing working... piewwwww... trying to mimic > megaphone sound.> > Hi 
>> everybody, I just wanted to let you know that tutorials are in the > make 
>> and soon, and I mean soon, 2 weeks or so, the full process will be > 
>> explained in a polish, shiny, brand new, so new that you'll feel the > 
>> smell of tens of MB freshly downloaded from our website.> The movies in 
>> question will capture the process of rigging a quadruped, > Marco Di 
>> Luca's helldog, using our new auto-rigs, and yes I said it > again new, 
>> so new that they deserved a shelf of their on , a shelf that > will 
>> constantly be update with new, yes new again, bodyparts > representing 
>> different rigging techniques. Also on those movies will be > explained 
>> how to put the bodyparts together to create a unique creature, > in our 
>> case Dave Cardwell's centaur.> > power off the megaphone.> > cheers and 
>> good night> calin> > > > > > > Ryan Weston wrote:> > I wholeheartedly 
>> third the request for these training sessions to be documented and 
>> distributed online. My frustration at constantly missing out on sessions 
>> like this has reached the point of madness!> >> > Every time I see 
>> announcements like this, I can't help but feel SESI is missing out on 
>> fantastic opportunities to expand the knowledge of their current user 
>> group, as well as enlighten users of other packages around the globe that 
>> Houdini is not just a particles and dynamics package. Essentially, anyone 
>> who does not live within the proximity of the SESI building, Santa 
>> Monica, or other N.American locations these sessions are being held are 
>> being denied critical *free* training because we were unfortunate enough 
>> to live/work in another part of the world. Yes, I know that life isn't 
>> fair, but you guys are killing me - please throw us a life preserver out 
>> here!> >> > SESI provides us with the forum/blog that contains some bits 
>> and pieces, but I think you'll agree that it is nothing on the scale of a 
>> character setup demo like is outlined below. This content in particular 
>> is crucial to helping Houdini break out of the "oh yeah, that particles 
>> package" stereotype that everyone I speak to who's never used it has. If 
>> I could sit down in front of them and quickly link up a character setup 
>> system like is discussed below, I guarantee their eyes would pop, their 
>> jaw would drop, and they would shove me out of the way so they could have 
>> a go. How many more users could we gain if we had links to free training 
>> that shows them how to do it on their own?> >> > Please help *us* to help 
>> *you* show the rest of the CG community just how much Houdini can really 
>> do - circulate this training and other sessions like it online!> >> > 
>> Cheers,> > Ryan> >> > Janet Fraser <janet at sidefx.com> wrote: > > We hope 
>> you'll come out to see the newest Auto Rig tools> > in H9 next week. It's 
>> also a good opportunity to chat with> > some of the SESI staff and 
>> friends. Please> > pass this along to anyone you think might be 
>> interested.> >> > *New Auto Rig tools in Houdini 9*> >> > *When: * > > 
>> Thursday, September 27, 2007 from 6:30 to 7:30> > We hope you'll stay 
>> afterwards for a beer!> >> > *Where: * > > Side Effects Software> > 123 
>> Front Street West (the Citigroup Building)> > Suite 1401> >> > *RSVP to 
>> training at sidefx.com*> >> > Graham Thompson, one of our character tools 
>> developers, will be > > showing us how Houdini 9's new modular Auto Rig 
>> tools enable > > the artist to quickly and easily create biped, quadruped 
>> and > > other multiped configuration rigs.> >> > Built from individual 
>> body parts that easily interact with each other,> > Houdini 9 provides 
>> the artist with more powerful tools to quickly rig,> > animate, and 
>> prototype characters.> >> > Graham will go through the new Auto Rig 
>> workflow for creating production-> > ready rigs. Starting with Houdini's 
>> default rigs, we will proceed through> > the new proxy generation system, 
>> create the Animation and Deform rigs,> > and capture the geometry using 
>> Houdini's meta capture muscle> > system. He will also explain how to use 
>> the interactive viewport tools> > to easily create your own custom rig 
>> configurations.> >> > Graham will also demonstrate, using the new Houdini 
>> Object Model> > and Python, how to dynamically create and manipulate 
>> digital> > asset contents and data, and create a customized set of 
>> production-ready> > animation tools. Detailing how our own body parts and 
>> scripts are> > constructed, he will also us how to access all the 
>> available> > tools to create and test your own custom body parts and make 
>> them work> > seamlessly with Houdini's default parts.> >> > We hope you 
>> can make it!> >> > -Janet> >> > > > 
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