[Sidefx-houdini-list] Auto Rig Help

Floyd Gillis floyd at afcg.com
Thu Sep 13 15:18:41 EDT 2007

I've been using autorig to set-up a biped model and feel I'm about 75% 

I've got the "auto_rig_biped", "capture_rig", and "animation_rig" 
objects working nicely together, but my "capture_rig" need some 
finessing.  Sections of the model are not being captured properly and/or 
are distorting incorrectly when animated.

If there's an experienced rigger out there who'd like to fine-tune this, 
please contact me off-list so we can discuss details/compensation.  I'd 
like to have this done in the next day or two.

The project has to stay in h8.2



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