[Sidefx-houdini-list] Expression syntax for matrices and vectors

Luc Froehlicher lulu at alamaison.fr
Wed Oct 31 10:52:51 EDT 2007

you have to understand that building a VOP Network is exactly the same 
as writing VEX Code.
it's just that you are doing it in an interactive way.
you can see the generated vex code by clicking on any of your Vop 
Network Node and select "ViewVex Code ..."

Now if you prefer to code directly in VEX , use File->NewOperatorType

the VEX inline node is something in the middle of that ...

I usually use Vops Network for simple things . If I need loops or 
if/then blocks a lot, or if the network is starting to be too big , I 
switch to VEX code.

> One thing that's tripping me up at the moment is that I've not quite
> figured out how to use the VEX inline node (inside a VOP network), or how
> to use a VEX function node outside VOPs. As yet, I haven't found any
> source of information on these to decipher how they work. Any links you
> may have would be gratefully received :-)

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