[Sidefx-houdini-list] simulation multithreaded?

Joe Drew joe at sidefx.com
Mon Oct 29 23:47:25 EDT 2007

Abdul-Kareem Abo-Namous wrote:
> funny thing happening here (9.741 on w32): I run a p-fluid simulation with a
> low number of particles, and it uses - as expected - only one core. I
> increase the amount of particles to something maybe a bit extreme (0.1 for
> particle separation on a sphere with radius 2), and suddenly all 8 cores are
> busy, and houdini is eating up 100% cpu. bug or sudden multithreading? I'm
> guessing the first since the simulation isn't actually proceeding much.. :)

Most likely what can be considered "sudden multithreading." 
Multithreading has a certain amount of overhead, and so it's not always 
worthwhile to engage it (e.g. when using only a few particles in 
particle fluids -- this is only an example, as I'm not sure what the 
conditions for multithreading actually are on the solver).
When those conditions -- which it seems your "extreme" simulation 
fulfills -- are met, multithreading engages (as you've noticed).

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