[Sidefx-houdini-list] muscle profiles question

calin casian calin at sidefx.com
Mon Oct 22 11:51:41 EDT 2007

Yes those video tutorials are obsolete in regards to the muscle profile. 
Now the profile it's been determined by the scale parameters and 
position on the curve, thus giving you the option to slide the muscle 
body along the muscle curve and animate it. This was impossible to do in 
the old version since you would have to animate animation keys, if that 
makes any sense.
The muscle has 5 scale controls one at each end then 3 in the middle.
The guys in the middle are working like this:
first control after the ends is control nr 3 which is positioned at 0.5 
between the ends. next we have controls 2 and 4 which are half way 
between each end and the middle point.
The position parameter can be a little misleading because it's 0.5 for 
all the controls but in fact 0.5 means that it's in the middle of the 
segment defined by the neighbor controls rather than the whole curve.
I hope this makes sense


EzequielM wrote:
> I was fooling around with muscles taking a look at the muscle tutorial from
> sidefx as a start point, and i found some parameters "missing" from that
> tutorial.
> I didnt found the aditional profiles parameters for setting the profiles for
> the muscle states, and if its under the extra parameters i didnt found it
> either... for now and of course for the learning sake i ended up using the
> rotation of the bones and some nulls as a driver for some of the scales and
> position of the muscles profiles parameters
> is this the way to set the muscle shape in h9? i mean... the "additional
> profiles" options are gone for good?
> thanks in advance!

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