[Sidefx-houdini-list] Several SOPs in a SOP Path parameter

Oodini svdbg at free.fr
Fri Oct 19 11:19:05 EDT 2007

Hello Robert,

First of all, you're explanations were very clear about the dynamic 
workflow related to the SOPs.

rmagee at sidefx.com a écrit :

> The implications for the table demo are that in H8 we could import two or
> three objects into a single RBD object and we didn't need to worry where
> the simulated motion was being sent. With H9 the dopsop is important.
> Therefore if I were to recreate this lesson for H9 (which I am looking
> into doing for video) then I would probably select the objects that I want
> to "stick" together and choose Combine from the Modify menu before turning
> them into an RBD object. This way there would be a single piece of
> geometry that would be simulated in dops then driven by the dopimport sop.

Well, I chose an other way :
I kept only one leg from the for ones, placed it at the origin, and 
create the dynamic legs with "Number of Objects" in the "RBD Object".
I then transform them in this DOP (see details on previous mail).

Is it a wrong way ?

If not, why do I lose a leg when I put the dynamic legs in a "Merge" DOP 
? I made the same network as at the end of the 4th page of the tutorial, 
except my rbs_tablelegs node is set as described above.

> The reason for sending this information back to the original object was to
> let these objects play a role in the final rendered output. It is harder
> to assign materials and set up render properties such as motion blur on
> the dopnet itself. It is better to use the original object with the new
> motion imported in.

That makes sense.


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