[Sidefx-houdini-list] Several SOPs in a SOP Path parameter

Oodini svdbg at free.fr
Fri Oct 19 04:48:10 EDT 2007

Francois Duchesneau a écrit :

> Sorry, I was wrong and you're right, yes you can have more than one sop in
> that field, even in H9 but it won't work as it used to be because of the
> new way the rigid body creation are done in the viewport.

OK, but so, what is the syntax to put there several SOPs ?
When I browse among the tutorials/examples, I like understanding each 
node I am studying. :-)

> But unfortunatly, I don't think the setup as it is will work too so in
> either way you'll have to manipulate the nodes to make it work and it
> would be very long to explain. I could send you a file showing both method
> instead of all explaining the steps if you like.

No, thank you.
I am experiencing Houdini, discovering the software (again - I already 
did it with 3.1 and 4 !). I am not on a project.

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