[Sidefx-houdini-list] toggle expression in POPs

Francois-Xavier Boussard b.fx at free.fr
Fri Oct 19 03:43:40 EDT 2007


Turn around was to use VOPs to creates attributes and then reference those
attributes from the component vector tab, great VOPs !

Palying around i notice that the attibuts pop didn't allow to create vector4
attributes ! was it before ? any reason ?

have good beers :)

Selon Francois-Xavier Boussard <b.fx at free.fr>:

> Hello,
> Using any POPs node where you can choose between component or vector
> parameter,
> the toggle to expession is broken (left middle click or right click ->
> expression-> toggle expression).
> If ALT+e i'm able to wrote an expression but houdini crash (stuck) as soon as
> i
> apply the expression or re-edit it if i had tryed to wrote it straight in the
> parameter tab.
> (eg: UPvector, upvectortype).
> Any turn around ?
> Apprentice 9.0.747, linux Debian AMD64.
> thanks
> frqncois
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