[Sidefx-houdini-list] Several SOPs in a SOP Path parameter

Oodini svdbg at free.fr
Thu Oct 18 12:28:10 EDT 2007


François Duchesneau a écrit :
> You cannot have more than one sop object per "Rbd Object" node. Rbd 
> objects (not the node) are created from various ways in DOP.
> You can also use a Fractured RBD or Rbd Glue Object to import one Sop 
> Object but a different Rbd object will be created for each group found. 
> This is what I suggest in your case.

Thanks you.

It seems it was different in Houdini 8, because I was doing a tutorial 
for Houdini 8 (Dynamic Quickstart), and it seems it was possible.
That probably changed.

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