[Sidefx-houdini-list] euler rotation jump

Ben Schrijvers ben.schrijvers at guerrilla-games.com
Tue Oct 16 04:27:39 EDT 2007

Oke forget about it... the Dynamics Chop is doing a great job, even 
trying to fix the jumps.
It's just the whole idea of Euler (rx,ry,rz) rotations that's buggy, I'm 
starting to realise how much pain they have given me the last 10 years.
I'll stick with quaternion from now on... would be interesting to think 
about a nice handle/GUI to interactively adjust a quaternion.


Ben Schrijvers wrote:
> Oke here we go again. I've already been in this situation many times.
> But always slightly in a different way
> I've got channels in CHOPs which are generated by the Dynamics Chop.
> There are some typical quaternion-to-euler jumps in the rotation channels.
> So my question is how to get rid of them.
> I know there is a hidden feature in the Transform Chop that is supposed 
> to get rid of them.
> But I can't seem to get that working. I did some time ago but only on a 
> single set of transform channels.
> I do need this on an unknown amount of transforms as I don't know the 
> amount of channels in my Dop's Simulation.
> So the Transform Chop is not really an option.. just a worse case 
> scenario in which I have generate as many of them as I have channels.
> Now I've also noticed that the Dynamics Chop generated some orient[xyzw] 
> channels.
> They don't seem to do the jumps and they seem to start with (0,0,0,1) so 
> that look's like quaternions.
> If that is the case I should be able to generate non-jumpy euler 
> rotation myself.. right?
> The worrying thing is there are also orientrx orientry and orientz 
> channels. They seem to flip,jump,peak even more than the rx,ry,rz channels.
> Hmmm... am I overlooking something or is it a bug in the Dynamics Dop?
> And if there is no out of the box solution. How would I generate proper 
> euler channels from my quaternion channels?
> I'm thinking of a Vex Chop but what would be the steps in the process?
> Any help is welcome..
> cheers,
> benS
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