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Sun Oct 14 10:10:22 EDT 2007

Alrighty, my fellow escape artist artists,
     This may be an obvious question so please forgive me if it is.  I have
a extensive collection of particle simulations which are not exactly the
most robust.  They use metaball force attractors to keep particles within a
pathway field.  I have the over all look that I want, but speed is the real
issue here.  Any change of force would require MANY more hours of tweaking
than I actually have available (preliminary presentation review is on
Friday.) My original problem was that two of the three types of simulations
did not really match in speed.  I was able to remedy this by speeding up
the slower simulations to match the third by cooking out 4 times as many
bgeos, deleting all but every fourth file, and renaming the files to the
appropriate frame number.  This might seem heavy handed, but rendering out
3600 frames of the pop merge sop without any geometry attached was
relatively fast. However, now that I have all of the simulations matching,
I find that for some of the shot I want to make, the simulations are twice
as fast as they want them.  What would you suggest for slowing down the
movement for those shots?  I thought maybe something in global animations,
but since there are no actual keyframes this does not seem like it would be
effective.  Especially since the file sop is dependent on the frame number
via $F4.  Anyway, suggestions would be appreciated.
     And now for something completely different.  :-)  Do any of y'all know
any good scripts to put in the rops to better take advantage of dual and
quad core processors for rendering?    That's about it.  I have plenty to
render and a light detection rig (real world, not virtual) to build.  I
look forward to hearing from y'all and thanks in advance for the help.


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