[Sidefx-houdini-list] Getting info on the predefined variables

Oodini svdbg at free.fr
Sun Oct 14 10:09:32 EDT 2007

Andy Nicholas a écrit :
> It's interesting to see someone else having some of the same issues that I
> had while trying to get into Houdini. I found it quite overwhelming having
> to deal with the expression language and HScript, it's easy to get the two
> mixed up.


I also send between 5 and 10 doc bugs a day...

> Just for the record, I'd love to see a compiled help (.chm) version of the
> Houdini docs. It supports much better contents, index, and search
> functionality. In fact, I ended up generating one myself based on exhelp
> just for expressions which proved to be very useful.

I don't think it's possible, bacause .chm are Windows creatures.

> BTW, I really welcome the tools roadmap document that's just been
> produced.

What are you talking about ??

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