[Sidefx-houdini-list] H9 : wire glue constraint pb

Peter Robbinson probbins at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 3 11:11:55 EDT 2007


Here's what I came up with. 
I separated your geometry into two geometry files, then created the
dynamics from Object level.

Three things to look for in the dops network.
The skin is a Static Object and "Use Deforming Geometry" is turned on.
The wire is an RBD Object.
In the Wireglueconstraint, I've declared the skin object as the Goal
Object and then identified the specific point number as the Goal Point
that I want to constrain to.

cheers, PeterR

On Wed, 2007-03-10 at 16:46 +0200, guillaume laforge wrote:
> Hi,
> It is my first try with Houdini 9 wires and I can't figure how to constrain
> some curves roots to a geometry.
> In H8 I used the goalpoint attribute to identify the points to constrain but
> in H9 it doesn't work. The help sample files show the use of a "roots" group
> to
> identify those points but I can't make it works in this simple setup :
> http://www.vol2nuit.fr/wire_glue_constraint.hip
> Thanks for any help !
> Cheers
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